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Contract Negotiations

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What I learned about negotiations when the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and RECCO Decal had a Negotiation that went wrong.

Negotiation Exercise 2: Negotiation Essay presented to Instructor Robert Davy of DeVry University


Trina G. Stevens

December 12, 2010

I have been involved with many negotiations in both my professional and personal life. All the negotiations I have been involved in regards to my personal life have resulted in a positive situation or outcome. There have been a few negotiations in my professional life that I have been involved in that did not go well. The agency I work for, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles deal with hundreds maybe even thousands of suppliers providing the agency with various products and services. There was one negotiation in particular that did not end well for the supplier and the agency. Honestly it ended badly for the supplier and it was embarrassing for the agency.

Two years ago I placed an order for both the temporary and permanent handicap placards that the agency sells to the citizens of South Carolina. These placards enable customers to park in handicap parking sections. They are to be hung, or placed around the rear view mirror of a vehicle. The temporary placards are a specific red color and the permanent placards also have a specific blue color. Since there was and still not a contract for these two inventory items, I always make sure the delivery date is twelve to fifteen weeks from the date I submit the order to Procurement. This allows for the bid process and samples to be reviewed and approved by me.

Once the bids started to come in I was informed by Procurement. I was informed that there were four vendors who submitted bids on this particular order. Two suppliers were familiar and the other two were not. Three of the vendors were out of state and one local. The vendor who won the bid of course was the cheapest and they were the local company....

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