Contract Management Issues

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Star Telco operator vs Avanade Software consulting Firm.
IT Telco Operator star currently using an software build by the software company NCS. The competitor of star Telco operator take over NCS, hence Star Telco forced to build their own Customer Relationship system (Oracle CRM system). The Telco Operator approached Avande consulting firm to build CRM application for their business. Contract has been made between both the parties to build software application by 2 years of time . The agreed duration for completing the project includes gathering business requirement, preparing Technical contract document such as Business Requirement document, Technical specification document, Build CRM application using Oracle, conducting user Acceptance test, Providing training to the user, make the system available to the end user for business as usual. Issues:

Contract Issue 1
i) Frequent changes of Technical contract document by creating more Change Request by Avande. iii) During the design phase of the project, Finance Team of Telco operator identified that the budget for development stage exceeded by charging more into Change Request document and unable to provide further financial support for the project. Problem Statement::

:::Problem 1::
i) Heavy charges by Avande for creating additional Change Request leads to over budget for the design phase. ii) Avande extended the delivery date of design phase by 3 months by citing the reason of change request raised. iii) Star Telco operators doesn't have technical expert in analyzing the CR, refused to accept the Avande proposal. Star Telco operators states that all the changes highlighted in the CR are already been defined in the initial phase of the Technical contract document iii) Avande stopped work due to non-payment and justified all the Change Request raised is a valid one. iii) improper tracking of Technical contract document. (Need to check with Ravi about the sentence) ::::::Proposed/derived...
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