Contract Law Case Study

Topics: Fallacy, Ad hominem, Logical fallacies Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: March 17, 2013

p. 121-123 exercise 2, 6, 10 and 14;
2. This is R5. Argument ad hominem, because George Santayana is talking in an abusive way about Nietzsche and he is trying to make his work look useless and meaningless. 6. This is R3, the Red Herring, because the agents of the Prince tried to distract the people by making it seem like it was totally their choice who to vote for, while actually it was just a method to distract the people because the actual truth was that the people had not much choice at all but to vote for the prince. By distracting the people, the agents tried to make them think otherwise. 10. This is R3, the Red Herring, because by introducing a totally new subject in to the conversation and not answering the initial question that was proposed to him, Trasymachus tries to distract Socrates from the actual issue that is going on and he confuses him by asking him such an irrelevant question. 14. This is R7, missing the point. The analyst misses the question that has been asked, the question was: on what grounds do the producers fight against consumer health care regulations? And he answers a totally different question, which does not answer the question that was asked. Therefore he totally misses the point of the question.

p. 124-126 exercise 2 and 6;
2. This is R4, the Straw Man, because the writer of this stories states an extreme point of view which is not true to reality, because she says ‘nothing and no one can refute the hypothesis of the sex-gender system for those who.. see it so clearly ‘everywhere’’, which is implying that it is always true. She also says that gender feminism is ‘notoriously impossible’ to falsify, which is also a straw man, because she states an extreme point of view about something, trying to distract the public my stating that this case is always as such. It can also be viewed that this woman is right, and therefore she does not use any fallacy by speaking. What Christina Sommers says make sense, and therefore...
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