Contract Creation

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Contract Creation and Management Simulation

Span Systems entered into a six billion dollar bilateral contract with Citizen-Schwarz AG (C-S) to develop and implement their new banking software. (University of Phoenix, 2002) This paper will discuss an analysis of the issues presented in the Contract Creation and Management Stimulus.

C-S personnel started to protect C-S personnel because of the quality of their work. It is possible that most can avoid the contract if these things are explained clearly in the original contract. However, both companies, the results of conditions and periodic meetings need to be submitted to the directors.

It is not impossible for raised complication, still breach of the contract might be possible. Currently C-S has taken the responsibility of monitoring the performance and communication process between both of the companies. In this situation also probable invasions of intellectual property might grow.

According to the starting contract, the payment of the full service will have rights of the product as well as ownership. The payment of labor and entries are not received by the company and as a result other companies need to be contacted by C-S for making contract. Also the company realizes that it is not correct to accuse them of breach of contract. Span Systems Management is trying to focus on programming, management, quality and, packing slips on the supply of changed to cash. The following measures are decided by minimize the responsibility of the range and Citizen-Schwarz AG (C-S). • The designation of the of the Citizen-Schwarz AG project management is for managing the quality control of the defects and help to determine resources for project manager monitoring. • To inform Citizen-Schwarz AG, daily updates loaded views. • For the development of communication and expanding project serve ability of quality control. The communication...
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