Contract Administration Plan

Topics: Contract, Management, Cost-plus contract Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Searching the Internet for” preparing a contract administration plan” has found some interesting topics. One website gives you examples of essays written by other students probably for the same class just a different college. Searching topics can sometimes be confusing because it gives you so much information to look at. Sometimes it is hard to find the right information needed in order to write the best possible paper. The students just have to weed through all the information to make sure they get the correct information needs to write their paper. From the website eHow Money, gives the definition to contract as a legally enforceable agreement between two or more people. The contract involves those activities that are performed by administrative personnel who make sure the performance is performed correctly by the contractor. In order to make a good contract the administrator needs to make sure it focuses on the contract outputs and the contract’s performance. The contract administration is also a plan that the company uses as a road map to make sure the company gets everything out of the contractor for that particular contract. The first instruction is to clarify the plans and duties of the company’s contract administrator. Depending on the company the contract administrator has the power to sign or modify contracts that comes into the office. The administrator should not make any agreements if it is not within the guidelines of the contract administrator. The second step to the contract is to explain the function of postaward orientation which is the opportunity to clarify the mutual understanding of the specific contract requirements. This includes everyone that is involved within the contract down to the company’s quality control. The third step is to describe the contract administrator’s technical and monitoring duties. In order to fulfill this step the administrator might have to visit the company and look over the performance reports, visit the company...
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