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Project Management 1
Daniel Maloney 211263627
Assignment 3:
Individual Report/Weekly Tutorial Exercises

Produce an individual report that contains the following documents:
- Tutorial exercises
Possible Marks: 10
Tutorial Exercise Week One:
PROJECT ACTION PLANProject Name: Tutorial Exercise 1 Project Manager: Daniel MaloneyProject Objectives: Outline all the required assessments for the semesterProject Dates: Start:Finish : | No.| Action | Responsible| Resources| Time required| Start date| End date| Budget| Other stakeholders| Milestones | Completed| 1| Assignment One:Construction industry research| Group Work| Library, DSO, Internet| 2 Weeks| Week 1| 5 December 2012| $0.0| Team Members| Completing individual work for collation| Yes| 2| Assignment Two:Project: lifecycle timeline| Group Work| Library, DSO, Internet| 4 Weeks| Week 3| 30 January 2013| $0.0| Team members| Completing individual work for collation| Yes| 3| Assignment Three:Individual report| Personal Responsibility| Library, DSO, Internet| 9 Weeks: – Week by Week Process| Week 1| 8th February 2013| $0.0| Myself - Personal| Completing tutorial week 5| Began - Starting| 4| Exam| Personal Responsibility| Library, DSO, Internet| 12 Weeks: study, research| Week 1| 15th February 2013| $0.0| Myself - Personal| Completing revision for all weeks| In progress| 1. Individual project action plan:

2. Use the library catalogue to find one book with ‘project management in the title. Cut and paste the reference with Harvard style. Also, Download the guide to using the Harvard reference style from the study support web page.

Book Title:
Project management: a managerial approach

Tutorial Exercise Week 2:
1. Use the library catalogue to find one journal article with ‘Project Management’ in the title. Cut and paste the reference in accordance with Harvard style. As well, cut and paste the abstract for this article. Read the article and write a sentence/short paragraph on whether this article is relevant for this unit. Think about how you can refine your searching skills to find articles that may be more relevant. Book title:

A tutorial on project management from a theory of constraints perspective. Harvard Reference style:
Blackstone, J, Cox, J, & Schleier, J 2009, 'A tutorial on project management from a theory of constraints perspective', International Journal Of Production Research, 47, 24, pp. 7029-7046, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 27 January 2013. Abstract:

Managing projects is a difficult undertaking-a large number of projects fail to be completed on time, on budget, or to specifications. In traditional project management literature, researchers criticise project manager skills and leadership, user involvement, top management commitment, organisation, etc. More recently, research has identified underlying problems with project concepts. We briefly describe the types of failures (late delivery, over budget, less than full specs) of projects. Second, we examine some causes of project lateness. Third, we illustrate the calculations for project completion using traditional and critical chain project methodologies. We then conduct three small simulations of the network using uniform, triangular, and exponential distributions to determine the impact of using the critical chain methodology on project completion dates. Last, we provide some references discussing critical chain project management. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Relevance paragraph to Project management SRM181:
I believe this article would be of large relevance to the subject, Project Management SRM181. From the abstract, it discusses aspects of project failures due to late delivery, budgets and the importance of specifications. It also talks about projects scopes, concepts and underlying problems with critical chain project methodologies.

Tutorial Exercise Week 3:...
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