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Contract № 116 – 2011

Saint Petersburg the 17th of February 2011 year The Federal State Hermitage Museum, represented by the departure of the general director, Ms. Antipova M. V., acting on the basis of the attorney № 4 dated from 11th of Jan. 2011 hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, from one hand, and the firm «ITC Enterprises LTD», represented by the general director Mr. Maximilian Boltser, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, from the other hand, jointly referred to as the Parties, have concluded the present Contract about the following. 1. Subject of the Contract

2.1 Under this Contract Executer obliges to provide the services of reception of the foreign tourists during all the term under this Contract which provided by the terms of this Contract also to provide the tourists with cultural information of the State Hermitage. And also to provide with the special programs (the Services), and Customer obliges to pay these Services, according to this Contract

2. The procedure of rendering of the Services
The Parties signed this Contract about the following
3.2.1 The Services of reception of the foreign tourists are in accordance with the schedule, agreed by the Parties once a month. The schedule of reception of the foreign tourists agreed by the Parties (the Schedule) shall contain the information about the quantity of the groups of tourists, planed in the next month; also the schedule must contain the information about the number and contingent of the tourists, contained in every group. The schedule of reception of the foreign tourists for the following month shall be presented by the Customer not later than 20th of the month preceding the month of rendering the services The schedule of reception of the foreign tourists shall be agreed upon by the Contractor head (or the head’s departure) of Sector planning and the organization of work with tourist companies and special programs visit to the museum. 3.2.2 The Services for the rendering of special programs under this Contract are in accordance letters sent by the Customer for the special programs (Letter, Letters) Letters provided by the Customer shall be agreed by the Contractor. The agreed Letters by both Parties shall contain the information about the quantity and type of the special programs, planned for holding in the next calendar month, and the information about the number and the contingent of the tourists, taking part in Special programs, the time of the programs. The Letters should be signed by an authorized representative of the Customer or other person having the authority to sign it. The letter referred to in this paragraph, are addressed to the director of the State Hermitage museum, and should be communicated to the authorized representative of the Contractor or sent by fax, indicated in the paragraph № 6.12 of the Contract not later than the 20th of the month preceding the month of the services rendered, but not less than 30 days before the date of the program. 3.2.3 Number of the tourists of any group cannot exceed the following * 15 people, visiting the exhibition «Gallery of Jellies», Peter’s the Great Winter Palace, Menshikov’s Palace, Restoration – keeping center «Old Country», And The Museum of Imperator Porcelain * 25 people, visiting the Main Staff and in the case of conducting of the excursion with guide of Hermitage * 40 people in other cases

3.2.4 Take into the necessity of machine processing, the schedule, mentioned in p. 2.1.1, is sent by the Customer electronically for the concrete dates of the current month. In which the Customer plans the visiting of the State Hermitage (Appendix №1) 3.2 Every group of tourist, taken by the Contractor according to this Contract, can be accompanied by the guide – interpreter of the Customer who has got the certificate, given by the...
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