Contraceptives in School

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: September 26, 2010
During the past decade, there have been stark generational differences in terms of moral and social norms. In order to accommodate for these changes, society has had to make difficult decisions regarding the protection of today’s youth. One of the biggest controversies that have been ongoing deals with the gray area regarding the roles of educators and parents. School systems today are distributing condoms and contraceptives to students as young as 11 years old with the intention of preventing their students from suffering from the negative side effects of sex. From an educator’s perspective, the distribution of condoms has become a necessity due to the overwhelming lack of morals instilled in the youth at the fault of their parents. They also argue that it encourages safety and that it is completely foolish to assume that abstinence is always practiced. On the contrary, conservatives will argue that condoms promote sex and their distribution will show minors that sex at a young age is socially acceptable. Conservatives’ opinions are naive because they blatantly condone the fact that standards and practices have changed dramatically over time. The rising issue of under aged sex has made the distribution of condoms a necessity in order to combat the negative ramifications of the decisions made by today’s uneducated youth. A misconception that is widely believed is that passing out condoms in schools will influence or pressure teens to have sex. According to Dr. Kevin J. Minch, if young people believe they will be “safe” when using a condom they are much less likely to be deterred from engaging in dangerous and immoral behavior (Minch). The conservatives believe that with the introduction of condoms at an early age, this would lead to the unnecessary exposure of the youth to a concept that should only be tackled by legal adults. It allows them to stray into the obscure world they are not yet ready for. Widespread condom distribution will...
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