Contraception in High School

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Contraception in High School

By | November 2012
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Imagine a scenario like this: a new episode of Teen Mom featured on MTV flashes onto a teenage girl's television screen. Her mother walks into her room and takes a glance at the pregnant sixteen-year-old girls on the show and comments, “Those girls are disgusting, if you ever got pregnant I will kick you out of this house!” The mother scoffs and turns around, exiting the teenage girl's bedroom. The girl blushes, covers up her growing baby-bump and begins to cry from shame and fear. Many teenage girls sympathize with this girl's situation; getting pregnant their junior or senior year of high school because they did not use contraception correctly or at all. Many argue that those girls exercised poor judgment, but in actuality, many of these teenage girls are unaware of the proper use of various forms of contraception. For this reason, teenage girls and boys would benefit if their high schools provided contraceptives and birth-control education for their students. In most high schools, teenagers are provided with great educational and extracurricular opportunities. Students are exposes to new learning experiences, and new people everyday in the halls at school. Classroom environments, however, could be tense and awkward when the topic of “sex” in health class is being discussed. Teachers briefly skim over this topic without going into detail or precautionary measures to avoid the dreaded tension. The topic of sex is very awkward for most people, but if schools encouraged the use of condoms and other contraceptives, as well as providing contraceptives in the school system, students would be better adapted to the subject of sex and they will be better prepared for their own sex lives. If every students was given contraceptives, students would be less embarrassed to carry around condoms or other forms of contraception because the practice would be accepted in school settings. In health class, teachers could hand every person a condom as well as informative...

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