Contoh Skripsi Bahasa Inggris

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A. Background
Preposition is one of function words in English. It had introduced from elementary school till university, one way to introduced and learned the preposition is by asking students to make a writing paper. Sekolah Tinggi keguruan dan Ilmu pendidikan (STKIP) PGRI Banjarmasin have many programs to increase their students writing ability. STKIP has two programs that can make their students ability in writing better and better. The programs are structure and writing. In writing, the students learn how to make right sentences and at the end of this program they had to write a research design as their final assessment. But before it, the students must pass some subjects. For instance, they must pass program structure I, II, III, and IV. And then, they also must pass program Writing I, II, III and Writing IV. After they pass them all, the students continue with writing research design. Therefore it’s expected that they will able to apply appropriate use of correct sentences or grammar among others the correct used of verbs, article and also preposition. However, a lot of students still make certain grammatical errors in writing specially in writing a research design. The correct use of the preposition is very important in English because ungrammatical words or sentences will make some misunderstanding. Based on the explanation above, it’s necessary for students to know more and to master everything about preposition, so that they are not making errors in their writing. Finally, this research tries to know the errors made of students in using preposition and also to give contribution to the concept of making true sentence in using the preposition.

B. Identification and Formulation of the problems
Prepositions are words normally placed before nouns or pronouns and can also be followed by verbs but, except after but and except, the verb must be in the gerund form (Thomson, 1986: 91) Preposition includes to kinds of ‘function words’ which means “a word that doesn’t belong to one of the four major parts of speech in English (noun, verb, adjective, adverb). “Their purpose is not only to express meaning but to relate other words to each other” (Hornby, 1975:7). According to (Hornby, 1975:7) there are eight function words among the function words are: 1. Articles: a, an, and the

2. Auxiliary verbs: be, have, and do
3. Conjunction: after, though, while, etc
4. Preposition: about, as, beside, etc
5. Pronoun: I, You, We, etc
6. Noun-Determiners: a, an, the, some, etc
7. Substitute nouns: all, another, both, etc
8. Intensifiers: pretty, almost, really, etc
9. Specialized expressions: no, O.K, anyhow, etc
Based on the identification above, the formulation of this research is: “What kind of errors in using the preposition made by English Department students of STKIP-PGRI Banjarmasin academic year 2009/2010 in writing the research design?”

C. Research Objective
The objective of this research is to find the students’ errors in using the preposition in their research design made by English’s Department students of STKIP-PGRI Banjarmasin academic year 2009/2010.

D. Significance
- The research will give contribution to the concept of making true sentences especially in using the preposition. Application:
- For teacher, this research is expected will give contribution in designing appropriate teaching structure methods of the use of the preposition and it’s intended to minimize the errors made by English learners. - For the students, Regarding that this research will give useful input for English Department students in order to make the errors less when they writing something in the future time. - Next researchers, as a reference for other research studies or conducting a further research.

E. Working Theory
In the most general terms, a preposition expressed a relation between two...
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