Continuum Care

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Cognition Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Approaches to Decision Making

Johanna Ruiz


March 29, 2013

Robbie Johnson

Decision Making

Managers are faced with many different types of decision every day on the job and off the job as well. We do make decisions everyday that come naturally to ourselves, but when you are placed on a managers position you are not only making a decision that will affect yourself but your employees as well. Employees count on the managers to look out for them and make sure that their best interests as well as the companies are kept in mind. I chose the second scenario because the manager needs to make a quick and fast decision in order to stop the spread of infection. The decision needs to be fast and we need to keep in mind the patients and future customers.

The first approach the manager may use is the rational model and intuitive decision making. First off the rational model is a good way to approach the decision because the problem is clear and everyone is aware of what needs to be done. There is one final decision that needs to be made and the alternatives and consequences are known by the employees. With this approach the plan is transparent and the final choice will give the best output from the employees and maximize the input and output of the company. It is a good tool because there is no gray area for any one to be confused or mislead.

Intuitive decision making would be the second choice for how to approach the scenario. This type of approach is lead on by the experience of previous problems the company has faced and what has worked in the past for the company. It also relies on the gut feeling of the manager and the accumulated judgment one has acquired. This type of decision making approach is mostly based on judge of ones character and how each manager approaches the problem but if it has worked many times before then there is a clear choice that needs to be done. The only problem I have with this approach is that certain decisions might...
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