Continuous Quality Management

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Shuhana Yunos
Continuous Quality Management
Tutorial 1 – Toyota Motor Corporation Ltd, Pg 85-86
Question 1 Response
Total quality management is said to be the enhancement of the traditional methods of doing business. There needs to be a form of uniform commitment to quality in all aspects of an organization in order to meet or exceed the expectations of quality as perceived by the consumers. In a nutshell, the principles of total quality are to produce work which is of good quality the first time round, customer-focus, to undertake a strategic approach for improvement, to improve constantly and to embolden mutual respect and team-bonding. In order for a firm’s TQM to be effective, it must be supported at all levels in the organisation, starting from the highest position, eg; CEO, to the lowest level, eg; part-time employee. It also must exist in all departments in the organisation. Toyota has shown an exemplary example from the way it manages its system. With respect to the principles of TQM, Toyota does follow every aspect of it. It follows Kaizen which basically means to focus on continuous improvement and to make processes visible, repeatable and measurable. It has a culture of respecting the customers through its corporate activities, produces clean and safe products for customers by checking the quality every step of the way and it also works with partners in order to achieve stable and long-term growth. Toyota has adopted a Just-in-time concept where it produces the product upon the order made by the customer. Its objective is not simply to reduce stock, but to avoid stock-build up with defects. Toyota emphasizes on adopting a culture that will work everywhere which is in line with the principle of TQM (encourage mutual respect) They implemented a direct monitoring system which supports quality. This is shown when their French plant system is connected by a broadband system to the head...
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