Continuous Professional Development

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Continuing professional development

According to nt/what_is_cpd.aspx Continuing Professional Development or CPD for short involves activities that are reflective which is designed to improve a person’s characteristics, understanding, knowledge and skills also to support their needs and develop on their professional practice.

“CPD is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help you manage your own learning and growth.” (, 22/09/10, 20:42)

According to there are various forms of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Identifying different types of actions that constitute CPD will give you understanding of the various forms CPD can take, including opportunities that you failed to see or not aware of.

According to Opportunities for individuals for example include reading books, self-study or watching educational programme for teachers.

“Why do I need to do CPD? Keeping up with and recording your professional development lets you show that you're always striving to improve as a professional.” (, 22/09/10, 21:17)

An example of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is teachers training day where the teachers go into school to learn or improve on skills or learn new techniques and develop more understanding on how to teach for example if you are a P.E teacher you will need to learn new exercising techniques.
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