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Continuous Improvement

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Continuous Improvement

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  • September 2011
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CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: The Ingredients of Change

“ The only constant thing in life is the fact that it is continuously changing”. A program of continuous improvement based on the total teamwork way is generated and sustained by the National Society for Quality through Teamwork (NSQT). This is a continuous mix of the six ingredients such as management commitment, education, implementation, measurement and benchmarking, recognition and regeneration.

The first ingredient – management commitment which is for the leaders requires them to understand and commit to three kinds of customer such as external customers, other departments and their own team. This ingredients focuses on the vitality of the deeds and the visible commitment to doing things right. Secondly, education includes two parts: attitude development through education and learning the tools, techniques and method through training. Thirdly, continuous improvement needs an implementation plan and regular reviewing against the plan. Four modes of continuous improvement implementation recommended are local work place improvement teams, cross-functional teams or corrective action teams dealing with problems which effect several departments, and business and process improvement teams to test the operation and propose improvements and savings. Measurement is the forth ingredient in which we benchmark ourselves against our best competitors after we determine our own service and product performance. Next, recognition of achievement is considered as the main motivation factor. Each individual is treated as a winner to obtain the highest level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which is “self-actualization”. Regeneration is the last ingredient of the mix of six for finding our new ideas and still keeping the existing values.

The article recommends the mixture of the six key ingredients for a continuous improvement which all organizations need to consider when they implement changes or improvement. The design...

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