Continuous Improvement

Topics: Real estate, Renting, Public housing Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Continuous Improvement Process is the process of identifying and solving problems. It is very vital to keep pace with the changing environment in which we operate today. Throughout this essay, I will be discussing about the continuous improvement means in the context of organisational success. I will discuss how this concept applies in Department of Housing. There are always changes occurring in the Department such as technologies, processes and policies, that we must accept, learn and apply in order to achieve our responsibilities. It has been my observation in Department of Housing struggles with accountability, holding employees accountable for their goals and ensuring that the employee’s goals are aligned with with the Department’s goals; communication - assisting communication between different levels and functions in the Department and system perspective – viewing the bigger picture of the business and understanding of the environment. Department of Housing has 20 employees and are separated in various units. These include: The Tenancy Team, Regulation and Compliance Unit, Contracts and Facilities Unit and Maintenance Unit. The Tenancy Team are responsible for looking after Public Housing tenants and supporting their tenancy. The Regulation and Compliance Unit addresses high risk Public Housing tenants, who are involved by antisocial behaviour. They also control the legal actions against the tenants for unpaid rent, untidy yard/damage to property, access to the property and any other tenancy issues. Contracts and Facilites Unit looks after the Government Employee Housing, our stakeholders Mission Australia and Anglicare. The Maintenance Unit are responsible for repairing damages in the property and addressing any property issues. We all follow the same goal and that is to provide safe, secure and affordable housing to Territorians most in need.
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