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Topics: Family, A Big Family, LOOK Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The person who I admire is my uncle.His name is Johan and I called him Uncle Jo.He is my mother’s brother.He is ten years older than me.He is still young and quite successful businessman.He opens his own firm and has many employees.He is single and stays at Kuala Lumpur.I admire him because he is special to me and I likes his personalities. My uncle is a good looking man.His skin is fair and that makes him look handsome.He has straight hair.With a handsome face and muscular arms,he looks strong and brave.He is tall and stylish person.He always wears branded clothes and love Korean fashion.When he smile,I could see both of his dimple and that make him looks more handsome and sweet. His character is very funny and he likes to joke around.He is a very kind hearted.Although he still young,he is not stingy with his money.On Hari Raya,he gives a lot of `duit raya’ to me.He takes a good care of my grandmother.Every month,he brings my grandmother to see a doctor and gives money to my grandmother for her daily use.He likes to help anyone and does not expect anything in return.He is a person who can easily get along with anyone and gets all the work done without hurting anyone. He has a strange habit.For example,he will laugh loudly when he is alone in order to forget his sad experience and stress at work.He likes to go gym to keep his body fit.He also likes outdoor activities such as hiking.Every month,he will go hiking with his friend and takes pictures.His favourite food is something that is spicy such as Korean food.He also like to hear Korean song and watches Korean drama.Everyday although he is busy with his work,he wiil spend his time on his hobby and search about it on internet.He does not like something that is sweet and sour and to be at dirty place. Uncle jo was a good student.He and my mother came from a big family of seven children.Knowing that his parents could not afford to send him to university,he study all his might to obtain a scholarship...
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