Continuity in His Girl Friday

Topics: Film editing, Film techniques, Shot reverse shot Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Mandi Nero
MEDA 120
Jennifer Hardacker
His Girl Friday Journal
In His Girl Friday, continuity editing plays a big part in creating the smooth flow of the overall film. One major scene in which continuity editing is seen is in the bar scene with Hildy, Bruce, and Walter. We see them enter in a long shot to establish the setting and what they are doing in the place. When they sit down a jump cut is used to get a closer view of the three. From their shot reverse shot is used, so that as Bruce is talking, we can see Hildy and Walter’s expressions to what he is saying. The camera then does a close-up of Hildy to reposition the camera on the axis so that when it cuts to Walter the shot is of just his face and the back of Bruce. Then another close-up of Hildy shows she is becoming frustrated with Walter and goes back to the original over the shoulder shot behind her so we can see Bruce’s expression as Walter is speaking about an embarrassing moment for Hildy in the past. It then cuts to over Bruce’s shoulder so we can see how Hildy is reacting to Walter’s story and how when she kicks him, his expression to realizing he’s speaking out of line, and he immediately corrects his behavior. Another scene is in the opening when we first see the newsroom and Hildy and Bruce exit the elevator. By using a moving shot the audience can see that the setting is the newsroom and how busy it is. A dissolve is used to cut to a different part of the room as we see Hildy and Bruce make their entrance. After speaking to one of the ladies, she makes her way back to Bruce where a shot reverse shot is used as a close up on them to make them look like the loving couple they are, and they look as though they are in their own world. Lastly, a match on action is used after she crosses through the room and makes her way into Walter’s office to establish a new axis, and therefore a new scene.
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