Continuing Education for Medical Lab Techs

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Due to recertification requirements, employer personnel policy, and laboratory licensure requirements, participation in a continuing education (CE) program of some sort is necessary. But should that be the only reason - simply to fulfill an obligation?

“There is so much to be gained, both personally and professionally, from enthusiastically taking part in CE, and there are many CE activities that take a minimal amount of time and are either free or fairly inexpensive.”-Mollie George, MT(ASCP) Employee participation in CE is definitely noticed. The employee interested in his or her professional development will probably be the one who is asked to head a committee or will be considered more seriously for a promotion.

“Participation in CE opportunities looks good on your resume as well. It is a reflection of your interest in your profession and is usually a good indicator of your level of commitment to the job.”- Candi Ziegler, CLS

Many states have enacted licensure laws specifying the education, training and professional certification of laboratory professionals .In addition, several states have mandated the number of CE credits one must have to renew one's license . The laws regarding licensure are periodically updated. To fulfill these requirements, certification through a national agency may be required.

“Before you decide to pay for a particular CE program, it is important to check whether the credits awarded by the program will be accepted by your certifying agency, state board, or employer.”-Rebecca Johnson, MLT(ASCP).

American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)
Founded in 1922, the ASCP is a not-for-profit medical society representing pathologists, pathology residents, medical technologists, medical technicians, medical students, as well as other laboratory personnel. ASCP currently offers more than 500 CE programs per year, including workshops, teleconferences, national meetings, and educational courses. A program entitled "Lectures online," teleconference lectures that are transmitted over the Internet. This pilot program allows you to preview teleconference lectures with the stipulation that you fill out an evaluation form about the experience. The Board of Registry of ASCP has established a voluntary program to allow medical laboratory professionals to demonstrate their continued competence in the field. The "Continuing Competence Recognition" program is designed for professionals and provides 3 pathways in which to demonstrate their abilities: by computer exam, through documentation of 60 hours of acceptable CE within the past 5 years, or by completion of a Board of Registry on-site competence assessment form with their employer.

American Medical Technologists (AMT)
The American Medical Technologists is a not-for-profit organization established in 1939 that issues national certification credentials to clinical laboratory professionals, while the American Medical Technologists Institute for Education (AMTIE) offers CE opportunities. CE credits can be earned by reading AMT journal articles appearing in the quarterly supplement and completing the accompanying test, or by attending various educational programs, workshops, or sessions at AMT local and national meetings. A selection of home study units also has been approved for CE credit. AMT requires medical technologists and technicians to complete 15 contact hours per year. American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) Associate Member Section

In March 1999, an announcement regarding the merger of the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) and the International Society for Clinical Laboratory Technology (ISCLT) was released. The new structure established the AAB Associate Member Section (formerly the ISCLT) and the AAB Board of Registry (formerly the ISCLT Credentialing Commission). The AAB Board of Registry certifies qualified clinical laboratory technologists, technicians, and physician office laboratory technicians. Since its...
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