Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation

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External examinations are largely inappropriate for the `Knowledge Society’ of the 21st century. These written examinations call largely for rote memorization and fail to test higher-order skills like reasoning and analysis, lateral thinking, creativity and judgment.

The shortcomings of external written examinations are mainly: • Evaluation of scholastic learning only on marks
• Resulting in Pass/Fail
• Causing frustration and humiliation

The CBSE has introduced the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system in classes IX and X from the current academic year 2009-10. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation refers to a system of school based assessment that covers all aspects of student’s development. It emphasizes two-fold objectives: continuity in evaluation and assessment of broad based learning.

The new scheme will help the students and parents in the following manner: a) It will reduce stress and anxiety which often builds up during and after the examination which could have an adverse impact on young students especially in the age group of 13-15 years. b) It will reduce the dropout rate as there will be less fear and anxiety related to performance. c) In the past there was practice to often finish the entire syllabus much before time and follow it up with Pre-Board(s) and study leave. Now there will be greater focus on learning rather than teaching to the test. d) The students will have more time on their hands to develop their interests, hobbies and personalities. e) It will enable the students, parents and teachers to make an informed choice about subjects in Class XI. f) It will motivate learning in a friendly environment rather than in a fearful situation. g) It will equip students with Life Skills especially Creative and Critical thinking skills, social skills and coping skills which will keep them in a good stead when they enter into a highly competitive environment later on.

The scheme will assess students in both Scholastic (Academics, Work Experience, Physical & Health Education, and Art Education) and Co-scholastic areas Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, Outdoor Activities)

This scheme is not applicable to the present class X. They will have their Board Exam on the usual pattern, the only difference being that they will not be given numerical marks out of hundred but will be allotted grades.

Grading system for Scholastic Achievements will be on a nine-point scale: A1 (91-100), A2 (81-90) B1 (71-80), B2 (61-70), C1 (51-60), C2 (41-50), D (33-40), E1 (21-32), E2 (20 and below)

Grading system has the following advantages:
• Eliminate unhealthy cut-throat competition among high achievers. • Reduce societal pressure and provide the learner with more flexibility.

The details of the Assessments in class IX and X are given below. I. The CBSE has prescribed the following scheme for Scholastic area in class IX and X next academic year (2010-11) onwards:

|Term |Type of assessment |% of weightage in an Academic |Term wise weightage |Total | | | |session | | | |1st (April to Sept.) |Formative Assessment -I |10% |Formative Assessments (I +II) |Formative Assessments (40%) +| | | | |20% |Summative Assessments (60%) =| | | | | |100% | | |Formative Assessment -II |10% | | | | |Summative Assessment-I |20% |Summative Assessment I 20% |...
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