Contingency Plan - Resort

Topics: Business continuity planning, Management, Disaster recovery Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: October 7, 2011

Contingency Plan

The Fermar Garden Resort management must identify contingency events and be prepared with plans, strategies and approaches for avoiding or coping disasters.

The development of Femar Garden Resort contingency plan is an essential and an unavoidable task. However, the creation of such action is a complex undertaking, involving a number of stages and discrete activities. Initially, it is necessary to understand the underlying risks and the potential impacts of disaster. These are the building blocks upon which our sensible business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan should be built. Then the plan itself must be created. For this reason, there are the management and maintenance to ensure that the plan remains current.

Femar Garden Resort, like every establishment that exists, is not free from terrible events that cause great damage or loss. For this reason, the management should have a backup plan for every unexpected events that may occur. They have to reach a decision and make an agreement on how to react in such an occasion. We must know the necessary information, tasks and procedures that would be necessary and useful just in case a terrible event would come on our way.

The Business
The management holds a lot of tasks to do, some of the important duty it has is to make the business plan suitable for the present time by adapting it to recent ideas and to correct faults and make improvements where there should be; here are our solution to keep our business alive.

Business and contingency plans need to include planning for marketing. For Femar Garden Resort to be successful the management should think of strategies that would allow our business to grow and overgrow other resorts in the area. We should be expert in the art of managing and marketing. We have to attract, not only tourists and clients, but also people who are willing to engage and invest for our business. These...
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