Content Area Literacy

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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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Our youngest generation is a rare and a precious resource facing a human wave of global competition. This reality is changing the way teachers think of Content literacy, and more importantly, it is changing their classroom practice. Teachers across the globe are beginning to realize that they are responsible for producing learners who possess the literacy skills needed for the 21st century. Therefore, one should know that Content area literacy is the ability to use all the literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, questioning and thinking) for the acquisition of new content in a given discipline. It relates to the challenges of reading in the academic area for example Geography and Social Studies. It is the means of providing students with scaffolding (support) which helps them to understand content information. Consequently, the scaffold in this sense relates to instructional strategies and techniques that teachers introduce and use in their classes for students to read and write effectively. People who have read good literature have lived longer than people who cannot are will not read (S.I. Hayakawa). Accordingly, there are various factors that hinder an individual from interpreting and understanding information given; whether it’s hard text, electronic informational sources, MTV, or a documentary film. There are four text factors and four student factors that affect content area learning. Firstly, one text factor that affects content area learning is that the readability level of the material is too high. The text in the book might be too advanced for the reader; as a result students cannot comprehend printed material. Secondly, another text factor that affects the content area learning is the lack of diagrams and illustrations especially in Geography books. The materials are rather monotonous and dull therefore the learner finds it hard to pick up that material and read it. The use of diagrams and illustration can give a clearer or...
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