Content Analysis - Texting and Driving

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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* The use of cellphones while driving has been a growing concern in society as more and more laws are being made against the use of them. They are not only used to talk to others, they are also used to text, listen to music for many, watch videos, and to access the Web. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, 2010), in 2009, 16% of fatalities and 20% of injuries in the U.S. involved driver cellphone use ( Accessing the Web through a cellphone while driving has become very popular for getting directions and for the use of a GPS, as well as to access and send e-mails. Many consider talking or texting on the phone while driving to be dangerous, however, accessing the Web through a cellphone while driving is just as dangerous and distracting. There are many scholarly articles and government documents addressing this issue that shall be used as a source for my hypothesis. These articles and documents give a sufficient amount of data to prove that accessing the web while driving is just as distracting as texting or talking while driving such as Cook and Randall’s scholarly article “Texting and Accessing the Web While Driving: Traffic Citations and Crashes Among Young Adult Drivers” which analyzed Jessor and Jessor’s “problem behavior theory…as a useful framework for understanding characteristics…that increase the likelihood for an individual to engage in problematic behavior” (p.545), such as accessing the Web while driving. The government documents provide facts about the issue and can be viewed as a reliable source, and the scholarly articles prove this hypothesis by carrying out extensive research experiments on the issue. My sampling method will take into consideration a time frame, relevance, and a selection method to ensure that my sample is representative of the entire population without any bias being present. When considering the time frame I will use the three...
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