Contemporary World of Community Organisations

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In general there are three different sectors which exist: the private- involving businesses which distribute profits to their owners, the public- which are subject to direct political control, and the not-for-profit sector. The not-for-profit sector otherwise known as the third sector is present worldwide, consisting of various community organisations that are driven by the human desire to assist others without gaining personal benefits, and bring about social change (Hudson, 2009). Categorised into three aspects, the basis for such organisations include professional and industrial associations, member benefit groups, and charities. As the not-for-profit sector becomes increasingly influential with providing hope, advocacy and policy for communities, a majority of its successive strength rests heavily upon people who donate funds and volunteer their time (Our Community, 2012).  

In accordance with Hudson (2009) there are eight distinguishing characteristics which define the community organisations of the not-for-profit sector. These characteristics can at times be seen as a somewhat challenge on the leadership, management and governance of such organisations.

The objectives of community organisations are much related to the purpose, mission, and goals of the organisation. Objectives convey to others the intentions of the community organisation and represent their overall interests. In relation to the areas of social, health, educational, environmental, and spiritual organisations, such objectives may be more difficult to specify precisely (Hudson, 2009). This is due to the fact that a majority of these community organisations share an interest in a broad range of matters, proving it quite difficult to essentially capture the essence of what the organisation is striving to achieve through short and simplistic objectives.

As different community organisations provide and deliver a...
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