Contemporary Tourism Articles Summary

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Contemporary Tourism

Article 1


„Eternal summer of Jurmala”

1. Akvaparks is a tropical resort in Latvia.

2. This is the biggest (spreaded almost in hectare) aquapark in Northen Europe and is open all year.

3. There are 40 different rides and amusements on the three levels, in the summer time is added another dozen outdoor beach. This is a hudge attraction for people who love water sports.

4. There are many facilities matched to the age and excitements levels, the main attraction is a Paradise Beach and wave pool.

5. The tropical resort include SPA where visitors have the opportunity to complete relaxation.

Bibliography: Magazine: Wizz Magazine, December – January 2012/13 pg.15

Article 2


„Hot springs and heavenly forests”

1. Article include 8 proposed place to visite and get wild adventure.

2. Monteverde Cloud Forest, Parque Nacional Corcovado and Zip Lining in the Rainforest Conopy are places of virginal forests to visit by walk inside the park and jungle, high-speed cable and flying over the jungle.

3. Montezuma and San Jose are places with cultural zones. Those places gives to the visitors possibility to eat in the best restaurants in the country, visite triple-tiered waterfall or be inside high cultural and art live.

4. Malpais and Playa Santa Teresa perfect colour of the sea and great temperature, is a place for unique holidays in the sunny environment.

5. Coffee Plantations of the Central Valley, is a great opportunity to visite coffe plantations and kearn all about Costa Rica`s golden beans.

Bibliography: Newspaper: Sunday Express, March 3, 2013, pg.68-69 Travel Section

Article 3


“ Luxury ... and seven handbags”

1. Is a story about honeymoon in the Crete.

2. Describing area in which theye were stay, lovely Villa Aloni with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, and a private pool.

3. In opinion of the visitors food was so...
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