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Topics: Stephen King, Novel, H. P. Lovecraft Pages: 4 (1557 words) Published: August 23, 2009
The contemporary literary period is from 1945 to present. There are many amazing athors in this period. Stephen King is an outstanding horror writer he started writing professionally in 1974 and has released new books as late as 2008. Stephen King an American author has truly made a significant impact on today’s readers. King can turn marital stress, peer pressure, or adultery into a terrifying epic that would make your skin crawl. Stephen king was born September 21, 1947. Stephen’s birth was a tremendous surprise to his parents as they had been told they could not have children. King witnessed one of his friends be struck dead by a train this horrible sight has inspired King. He displayed an early interest in horror as a youth because of this. “Gotta say it: I was a genuine American-boy success there. Worked my way up in the company where I started, and when I couldn’t work my way any higher there, I wnet out and started my own the boss of the company I left laughed at me, said id be broke in a year. I think that’s what most bosses say when some hot young pcket-rocket goes off on his own” (Duma key 3). This excerpt is likely reffering to kings difficult start as a horror novelist. Stephen's first outlooks on life were influenced by his older brother and what he figured out on his own. While young Stephen and his family moved around the North Eastern and Central United States. When he was seven years old, they moved to Stratford, Connecticut. Here is where King got his first exposure to horror. One evening he listened to the radio adaptation of Ray Bradbury's story "Mars Is Heaven!" That night King recalls he "slept in the doorway, where the real and rational light of the bathroom bulb could shine on my face" (Beaham 16). Some of his works include: Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Dark Tower Series, It, Cell and many others. King has called Richard Matheson as “The Author who influenced me most as a writer”. Amongst other influences are Edgar Allan Poe who...
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