Contemporary Moral Issues: Abortion

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Abortion Case Study Paper
Contemporary Moral Issues
The case that I chose to discuss is whether it is ethically right or wrong for parents to decide whether or not they wish to keep an unborn child. This essay will address several questions that have been raised as to whether or not an abortion is moral or immoral, and if it were immoral, in what circumstances it would be justified. These are all relevant facts that both physicians and parents have to take into account when they are making their decision. If one would look at this case by the care ethics point of view their main focus would be on the care of the patient. It is important to look at that person and understand their emotional and physical decisions. Care ethics differs from deontology and utilitarianism because care ethics makes the decision based on consideration for the individual instead of making a moral decision impartially. If everyone looked at abortion in a care ethic standpoint they would look at the situation by identifying the people involved, the relationships and what the future may be produce. The most important object of the care ethic is that the person judging the other must put the act that he or she must be willing to put another person before him or himself. Whichever result is chosen, it is important to respect one another’s decisions. In the chapters of our text we have been given several different scenarios of abortion. Out of those a few dealt with the care ethic and the choices faced. An article that fully supports my ideas and opinions is Thomson’s “A Defense of Abortion”. Thomson was very realistic and down to Earth in “A Defense of Abortion.” She speaks of real life situations when the decision of the mother is taken into consideration; thus providing us an example of the care ethic. I like that Thomson spoke about a territory that not many writers want to speak about. Speaking about the right of life and a mother’s feelings and futures is important to me. The article...
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