Contemporary Issues Paper: Abortion

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  • Published : July 2, 2012
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Contemporary Issues Paper: Abortion
Dale Marie Kubin
PSY 475
June 11, 2012
Neva Wilson

Contemporary Issues on Abortion The purpose of this survey is to show how people feel about abortions in America. Abortion is just one of many contemporary issues that are faced on a daily basis and how a person feels towards said issues can and will change the way another views him or her. Majority of people will say he or she is pro-choice but when in fact some feel he or she must go with what society deems as being politically correct so to speak when dealing with contemporary issues. Contemporary issues are defined as current, arguable topics, such as abortion, gambling, television violence, etc. When writing a paper on contemporary issues, you must examine both sides in order to make a well-informed argument. By listing the pros and cons of said issue, including back ground information, overview and other material pertaining to the subject of choice, this will give you a better understand of how others feel on the subject chosen ( New York Times, 2012). The survey consists of 10 questions that will allow the tester to answer yes or no and even give an explanation on the views he or she has pertaining to abortion. Do women have the choice to what happens to their body? Can a woman make the choice to end a pregnancy or should she allow the child to be born and give the child up for adoption? Americans see abortion as murder, while others see if as a choice, while some actually use abortion as a form of birth control. When weighting the pros and cons of abortion for the sake of argument, a person will find him or herself asking the same questions, is it morally right? Many times if the child has a mental or physical defect should he or she have to be born and face the hardships of what...
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