Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership

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Leadership Skills- The Building Blocks of a Leader
Ashford University
Bus 660 Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
Gary Shelton
This paper will discuss the concept of leadership skills and the ways in which those unique skills define the exceptional leaders of today. This paper will try to explain which skills are most necessary for a successful leader, and how ones acquire them. The paper will provide a brief plan to one could acquire and or strength these unique skills. The paper will also address to whom to implement these skills to achieve technical superiority by leaders today.

Leadership Skills- The Building Blocks of a Leader
In order to effectively and confront issues and obstacles in ever changing and challenging economic market, leaders must possess a set of basic and unique set of skills. These basic skills who over years of experience and countless studies have proven to be invaluable for a successful leadership. As many studies shown, skills are defined as abilities that can be developed and taught while being demonstrated through performance (Odusami, 2002). Leadership Skills- Term and Concept

What types of skills are unique to the successful leader of today? The leader of today is a communicator, a team player. He or she is effectively utilizing transformational and transactional styles leadership, which allows a wider range of success. Transformational leaders are firm believers in sharing their responsibilities via empowerment, and accountability. They advocate and support their organization goals and coach and support their teams to adapt to change (Curtis & O'Connell, 2011). The effective and efficient leader is a skilled listener and is tuned to his subordinates, values their input and allows them to maintain ownership within their respective environment. Successful leaders understand recognition and know how to show it. In addition, leaders are not only skillful team players but also skilled in...
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