Contemporary Issues in Management

Topics: Strategic management, Business, Corporation Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: November 12, 2010

Unit title Level Credit value

Contemporary Issues in Management M 20

ECTS credits 10


AIMS The business world is constantly evolving and changing, the management discipline must respond to these changes in the business environment. The Unit explores and evaluates the theoretical and practical application of a range of contemporary issues in management. The Unit aims to draw upon the research conducted by academic members of staff within the Business School and to give the students an in-depth understanding of the important developments in various areas of management, both in terms of theory and in terms of practice. Debate and critical evaluations of these issues will be encouraged throughout the Unit delivery. One of the cornerstones of the unit is the frequent use of case studies, as examples of management in practice.

INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOMES Having completed this unit the student is expected to: 1 2 3 An ability to critically evaluate a range of contemporary issues in management; Gather and Synthesize up to date knowledge of the research relating to a range of contemporary management issues; Critically evaluate the relevance of a range of contemporary issues in implementing strategic management decisions.

LEARNING AND TEACHING METHODS This Unit will deploy a range of learning and teaching methods. Within that context, lectures (which may be real or online) will be given to cover core concepts. Seminars (or equivalent online virtual synchronous or asynchronous seminars and or supervision) will be used to explore and share learning. ASSESSMENT Assessment will be by a written assignment (100%).

INDICATIVE CONTENT Depending on the contemporary issues at the time, the topics may include: the management of strategic change, organizational culture, multinational corporations in a globalised environment, the role of corporate social responsibility in contemporary society.

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