Contemporary Issues in Business

Topics: Management, Ethics, Rupert Murdoch Pages: 14 (5454 words) Published: March 12, 2012
1. Introduction
2. What Happened?
2.1. Table of Events- The Phone Hacking Scandal
3. What is management?
3.1. Management Ideologies
3.2. Humanistic versus Economistic Ideologies
3.3 Scientific Management Theories
3.4. Critical Management Studies
3.5 Managers as Actors
3.6 Managers as Discursive Subjectivies
4. Ethical Theories
4.1. Consequentialist Theories
4.2. Non Consequentialist Theories
5. Conclusion
6. Recommendations
7. References

This report will discuss the events that took place during the phone hacking scandal at News International and evaluate the behaviour of the Organisation and its Management. It will review the issues in this case against several ethical and ideological theories as well as providing recommendations for how things could have been handled differently. It will examine the role of Management within an organisation and reflect on its social and ethical responsibilities. 2.What Happened?

The events of the phone hacking scandal can be seen detailed in the table below-

2.1. Table of Events- The Phone Hacking Scandal
Date| Event| Significance|
2000| Rebekah Brooks appointed editor of News Of The World| | 2003| Rebekah Brooks is appointed editor of The Sun. Andy Coulson is also appointed editor of The Sunday paper. Brooks also tells a parliamentary committee that her paper has paid police for information however News International say that this is not the policy of the company. | This is a first admittance that the paper was willing to pay for information and perhaps use underhand tactics to get stories.| 2005 (November)| The Royal Court complains after NOW prints a story reporting on a leg injury suffered by Prince William which they could not have known about without intercepting private voicemail messages. A Police inquiry is launched to investigate.| This is the first time an accusation of phone hacking has been made against NOW.| 2006 (August)| Clive Goodman (NOW’s Royal Editor) and Glenn Mulcaire (Private Investigator) are arrested on suspicion of hacking into the private phone messages of members of the Royal family.| These are the first arrests which were made in connection with intercepting voicemail messages. At this point the investigation is focussed on these two individuals with no evidence to suggest that management at NOW had any knowledge or involvement.| 2007 ( January)| Goodman is jailed for four months and Mulcaire for 6 months (They both admitted to conspiring to intercept communications. Mulcaire also admitted to five other counts of voicemail intercepting). NOW editor at this time Andy Coulson resigns. Even though he denies knowledge of the phone hacking he says that he has ultimate responsibility for the actions of his staff. | The fact that Andy Coulson resigns at this point could be seen| 2007 ( May)| Lawyers for News International investigate emails between Goodman and members of the NOW Management team but are unable to find any evidence to suggest that they were aware of any phone interception. | All evidence still points to the fact that Goodman and Mulcaire were acting of their own accord.| 2008 (April)| James Murdoch pays out £700000 to Gordon Taylor after he makes claims about phone hacking. | This is the first in a long line of compensation pay outs made by NOW. This could possibly be to keep victims quiet and stop the extent of the scandal becoming apparent.| 2009 (June)| Rebekah Brooks is appointed as CEO of News International | | 2009 (July)| In July of 2009 the scale of the phone hacking scandal started to become apparent. It is revealed that NOW reporters have intercepted the phones of celebrities and politicians between 2003 and 2007 while Andy Coulson was editor and that this phone hacking occurred with the knowledge of Senior Managers. It also emerges that NOW has paid out over £1,000,000 to victims of the phone hacking who threatened to reveal its reporter’s involvement. This...
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