Consummer Psychology and Marketing Communication

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Running head: Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communication Message

Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communication: A view to Concepts and Drives


February 27, 2013

This essay will discuss the definition of consumer psychology, and will describe the psychological concepts and their importance in developing a successful marketing communication message. It will further explain the relationship between consumer psychology and marketing communications.

Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications: A view to Concepts and Drives

Business and organizations look for ways of understanding consumers’ needs and the best way to approach and provide those needs. Their goal is to achieve consumer satisfaction. That is where consumer psychology and marketing come hand to hand. Consumer psychology has major role in marketing decision tools for businesses to be successful. In this essay I write about definition of consumer psychology, the psychological concepts and their importance of marketing communication. I also define the relationship between practices, consumer psychology, and marketing communications.

Defining Consumer Psychology
Consumer psychology or consumer behavior studies behavior of people’s daily lives in relation to consumption of goods and services. Consumer psychology examines aspects that are significant to people when they make decisions to purchase a given product. It further explores how customers decide the value of it. It studies the way unconvinced consumers are persuaded to purchase brand new or existing products through television ads or magazine. Consumer psychology also approaches description and explanation of consumer behavior, to certain extent, some psychologist try to project or persuade decisions of customers. Consumer psychology is directly linked to areas of advertising, marketing, social psychology, economics studies, among others. Consumer psychology is an ancient practice, which has...
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