Consuming Unhealhy Food Against Healthy Food

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Consuming unhealthy food against healthy food

Ever since the existence of human beings, the majority of peoples from all over the world have been struggling with eating food behaviors. Food is essential to our body, and we need to eat at least 3 times a day in order to fulfill the required energy that the body needs to work on it’s best performance. However, the challenge is to ingest the right and necessary aliments and nutrients for a better and healthier mind/body state. We all know that cravings are the main actions to commit sin by eating junk or unhealthy food. We all love food and know how good is eating and tasting the distinctive essence of it. On the other hand, food could also be our own enemy; it can be like a drug and becomes an addiction, and even worse can ruin people’s life and sometimes can be even fatal if not controlled well. In the next part, first it will be briefly explain the concept of what is healthy and unhealthy food, and then it will be shown the comparison and the contrast between an unhealthy/unbalanced diet versus a healthy/balanced diet. Furthermore, it will be also shown the benefits of eating healthy food against the negative and dangerous consequences of eating unhealthy food. Finally, the reason why it is better to choose to eat healthy food against unhealthy food will be explain at the end .

What is unhealthy and healthy food?
Unhealthy food is referring to junk food, which is a term applied to some foods that are perceived to have little or no nutritional value (Michael Jacobson). We can consider junk food as everything that is fast food. All these food are easy to make and easy to consume. Such as, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, candy, gum, most sweet desserts, fried fast food and carbonated beverages. On the other hand, healthy food is considered to be whole food, non processed food and organic food such as, vegetables, fruits, whole wheat products, whole grain products, etc.

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