Consuming Kids

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Marketing Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Consuming Kids
The video documentary “Consuming Kids” highlights the impact of media and advertising on the health and well-being of children. Advertising has critically changed comparing from the past to today, as it penetrates children more than adults. Companies have decided to deliver their advertisements to children due to their vulnerable minds. The techniques companies use to attach a child with their advertisement is by using famous role models equipped with their product. This influences a child to grasp that product and evidently the same child becomes a consistent consumer in the marketing world. Not only is advertisement publicized on TV but, also on the internet and cellular mobile devices, making it harder for a parent to neglect its unwanted presence. Science is involved in this documentary as scientists use the “blinking experiment” to analyze the child’s attention rate. Scientist have mentioned that advertisers use round figures throughout their commercial, as it has been found that children are attracted to this shape; making it harder for them to neglect the purpose of the advertisement. This is only a small contribution of how advertising has used symbolism to support its function. Using symbolism within an advertisement is very clever because it not only portrays the significance of the product but, portrays the “positive” lifestyle given when the product is purchased. Age compression plays a huge role in the marketing scheme, as it provokes young kids to feel older, making the product more suitable for the younger consumers. Advertisements affect a children’s mind negatively, as it can impact their vocabulary, cause them to lose their concentration span and eventually diagnose them with ADHD. In this documentary I was able to recognize and understand each and every perspective of how advertisements are abusing children. The media claims that parents are ultimately responsible for what their children watch, wear, and eat. I believe this is...
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