Consumers’ Perception Towards the Existing Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh

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  • Published : June 16, 2012
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A Report Paper

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Consumers’ Perception towards the Existing Mobile Phone Operators in Bangladesh


August, 2011


The mobile phone operators market is a stiff competition market in Bangladesh. At present there are six operators in the market and they are offering variety of diversified product to the customer. The objective of preparing this paper is to find out the customer perception about the diversified product of these operators. For fulfilling the purpose of the paper some customers of various operators are selected by using sample. This sampled are survey through a questioner. And the analyses are done through counting the answers provided by the sampled customer in survey questioner. The result found by the questioner survey is discussed by categories them into four parts, as - Customer Perception on Diversified Packages, Customer Perception on Call Rate, Customer Switching, Multiple SIM Users, Networks, satisfied customer of each operators and customers suggestion to operators.

Table of Content

|Contents |Page No. | |Chapter 1 |1-5 | |1.1 Introduction |2 | |1.2 Objectives of the study |3 | |1.3 Justification of the study |4 | |1.4 Scope of the study |5 | |Chapter 2 |6-8 | |2.1 Methodology of the study |7 | |2.2 Data analysis and Interpretation of Data Information |7 | |Chapter 3 |9-13 | |3.1 Overview of the Industry |10 | | 3.1.1 Grameenphone (GP) Limited |10 | | 3.1.2 Banglalink |11 | | 3.1.3 Robi...
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