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"We must be willing to face the hard reality that preventing child abuse and neglect is possible only when we are ready to attack its sources in the fabric of our society and culture; rather than merely provide social and medical services to its victims..."

David G. Gil

Consumerism, Materialism, and Cruelty to Children

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The Journal of the Canadian Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Volume 4

Number 3

Summer 1981

Consumerism, Materialism,
and Cruelty to Children
I have little quarrel with those childless adults or adults with older children who choose or are led to believe that Consumerism and Materialism (and status and careerism based on these values) are worth devoting their lives to. I find it very upsetting however when I see a helpless infant being permanently maimed emotionally because the parents place so high a priority on these values that they fail to provide the empathic, affectionate care their infant needs during the relatively few years such care is a necessity. Let us at least call a spade a spade. "We need two salaries

just to keep up" means "We value the whetting of our Consumer and Material appetites for these few years more highly than our infant's future emotional health". "I need to work in order to feel fulfilled and content, and it's not fair to my infant for me to look after her when I'm unhappy" means "I believe I can find happiness and fulfillment through Consumerism and

Materialsm (and status and careerism based on these), and
what I want for these few years takes priority over my infant's future emotional health".
Considering the extent to which it is possible to choose if
and when parents will have children, it seems cruel in the extreme to risk a child's permanent emotional health for a few years of...what? Doing so should be seen for what it is: Selling a child's birthright for a mess of pottage.

Let us also not delude ourselves by thinking that the way of life for which infants are so frequently sacrificed these days is either the only way or a necessary way. Let us hope that the Consumerism and Materialism that are currently so

fashionable will soon be seen for what they are and are not, and will give way to values which are more compatible with
emotional health - both infant and adult.
E.T. Barker M.D.,
D. Psych., F.R.C.P.(C)

The Canadian Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

- The basic premise of the CSPCC is that the worst of all
possible cruelties is to inflict permanent emotional damage
on another human being.
- Given the evidence that such permanent damage can be
relatively easily inflicted during the very early years of life, our concern is with ignorance of, or indifference to, the emotional needs of very young children. - By emotional damage we mean not only neurotic,

psychosomatic, and psychopathic illness, but an inability to form trusting, empathic, and affectionate relationships with others.
- The objective of the CSPCC is to work for the implementation of preventive measures before the damage is done. - Better preparation for parenthood, greater concern for proper care during pregnancy, obstetrical practises which facilitate bonding, higher priority for the empathic care of infants, higher status for homemakers, and stronger community support for parents with young children, are examples of such preventive measures.

- Increasing the number of members in the Society and the
readership of the Journal are at present the principal means by which the CSPCC is working to unite those who share a...
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