Consumerism Essay

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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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Consumerism Essay
Consumerism is a growing problem around the world due to the limitless wants and desires of people and the overall powerful of certain industries. People have fallen for the schemes presented by these organizations. They have come to believe that overspending is the only way to fulfill their dream day or show the proper amount of respect. Weddings and funerals are prime examples of significant events in a person’s life that have been affected by consumerism. These industries plan their strategies around the consumer’s emotional states, using trickery too wrongly bring in costumers for their benefit. In Rebecca Mead’s, “One Perfect Day”, she exploits the wedding industry and its commercialization of a brides “big day”. Many people believe that your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life. In the past years the wedding industry has skyrocketed. A wedding still holds spiritual or religious value but in the recent decades weddings have become all about overspending, out-doing, and consumption. The wedding process is becoming overwhelming and competitive between brides-to-be. One factor that plays into this vast process is the commercialization and the many emotions that come along with this celebration.

All the businesses that are involved in the wedding industry have used various ways of persuasion to make their fortune. These companies use advertisements to convince brides that their weddings need to be above and beyond. They use manipulation to make women believe they need to spend a certain amount of money in order for their wedding to be perfect. It is common to see these companies toying around with the emotions of brides. They prey on the fact that these brides are vulnerable and are willing to pay any price because they don’t want their day to be ruined. They use these tactics to also get money out of the family knowing that they will do anything for their daughter’s big day. The rise of commercialization has caused many...