Consumerism and Technology

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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The last decade of the 21st century saw the rapid development in technology and with it a surge towards consumer satisfaction. The consumers globally created a constant need for new innovations to be made. Consumerism has influenced new technologies that has led to the creation of compact and multipurpose cell phones, social networking, and transportation. Leading designers and inventors are placed in a competitive environment to build cheaper and better products, thus they are pushed to the limits of their creativity. One of the most important technological contributions to society has made is the fixed refinement of the cell phone. Serious transformation has occurred in the cell phone’s life, coming from a bulky boxes installed into cars and heavy briefcases, to the current cell phones. Modern cell phones are slimmer and are built more compact year by year. Designers are forced by consumer demand to evolve cell phones for multipurpose functions to keep a competitive edge. Therefore, most cell phones today include an MP3 player and even sometimes a mini computer processor. The demand pushes companies to the limits of their innovative capacity, thus producing technology other than the telecommunications, such as Internet communication. The growth of social networks led to the creation of large communities of people. By creating websites such as the now Myspace, to Twitter and Facebook computer technicians open up more than just the door to networking. These networking sites add to the convenience of everyday living, making it simpler to communicate with people all over the globe. Consequently, the building of these sites opened the door for the advancement of computer software and hardware. With every new addition to the world wide web there is a new afflictions such as viruses and spyware; as a result, computer engineers are faced with the task of finding new viruses and making safer and efficient computer programs and hardware.This adds a whole new branch of...
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