Consumerism and Response to Zukin

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  • Published : November 13, 2011
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In Sharon Zukin's essay “Attention shoppers...” she explains that Americans shop because their trying to chase their dreams; weather they be, higher social status, greater education, the ownership of a home,...etc... She also explains that in the last one hundred years or so Americans have been taught to shop from birth, and, that Americans no longer have the basic survival skills of making and growing things for themselves. She also explains that shopping habits change from child, to teenager, to adult. All of which are different aspects of consumerism; which, in and of itself the pursuit of more. Consumerism is a wheel of repetition; in which, Americans seek happiness,wealth, and stability. Americans strive for happiness, it is in human nature to want to be happy. But Americans (or any human for that matter), due to chemical makeup of the brain, can never truly be happy, because happiness is caused by endorphins released in the brain, which where off; ergo, its a never ending circle of trying to find happiness. American culture is founded upon the idea of the pursuit of happiness. Some people try to find happiness by shopping, because, for some people shopping releases endorphins which gives them a rush ,of what feels like, happiness. Wealth; what is wealth? by definition it is a great quantity or store of money. The pursuit of wealth is the methamphetamine of the consumeristic culture of America. The concept of affluenza- if there is more money; it will be spent. It is the consumerist's disease; In this, the more money that is aquired will be used to buy things making it necessary for Americans to make more money. American perception is that if a little is good, more is better. It makes the pursuit of wealth a never ending race to more and more wealth, only to spend it. In the pursuit of wealth we pursue stability. Stability by definition is resistance to change. Americans (and humans in general) need stability in order to survive in everyday life. To...
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