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Consumer Support for Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr): the R...

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Consumer Support for Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr): the Role of Religion and Values

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Journal of Business Ethics (2010) 91:61–72 DOI 10.1007/s10551-010-0568-0

Ó Springer 2010

Consumer Support for Corporate Social Bala Ramasamy Responsibility (CSR): The Role Matthew C. H. Yeung Alan K. M. Au of Religion and Values

ABSTRACT. Ethical behavior among businesses has gained significant prominence in recent years. Survey evidence shows that Asian consumers demand for greater social responsibility among businesses. Thus, a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to such a demand is useful. This study examines the influence of religiosity and values on corporate social responsibility (CSR) support among consumers in Hong Kong and Singapore. Primary data collected among consumers in these cities point to a significant direct relationship between religiosity and CSR support. In Hong Kong, this attitude is due both to altruistic as well as for egotistical (or face saving) reasons. In Singapore, this is mainly due to the latter. The results imply that different motivations should guide CSR strategies in these two cities. KEY WORDS: corporate social responsibility, religiosity, values, Singapore, Hong Kong

Introduction Ethical behavior among businesses has gained significant prominence in recent years. This is due to three important reasons. First, the increasing level of income and consumerism forces companies to differentiate their goods and services using every means possible. Using corporate social responsibility (CSR) to boost the image of companies has been popular particularly in the fast moving consumer goods (FCMG) industry. Second, companies have grown so rapidly that their influence and outreach worldwide have become more obvious. That the size of some companies is larger than countries is a wellknown fact (Anderson and Cavanagh, 2000). With more influence, greater responsibilities are expected. Third, the information revolution through advanced communication technology coupled with the spread

of democracy in more countries has...

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