Consumer Sovereignty

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Consumer sovereignty.
Birth and evolution of the movement and consumerista politche market in its favor.

"Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production, and the interest of the producer should be considered only insofar as it may be necessary to promote the interest of the consumer" (Adam Smith). The consumerism is a relatively recent phenomenon, one hundred years have passed since the commercial economy of the United States was rocked by the explosion for the first time a consumer moviment exasperated. Despite the success of this first wave and the other occurred later, economists have never paid attention to the consumer and its actual needs until recent years, devoting much more effort to analyze supply. The movement has its origins in defense of consumers in the United States of America, where, earlier than in any other country in the world, it created the conditions for the emergence and rapid development of monopoly capitalism and oligopolistic. Until the early years of the 900 consumers burdened the ultimate purchaser all costs of controlling the quality of purchased goods, the weight and cost, if they did not meet expectations for quality and safety. An early event that marks the beginning of the policy in favor of consumer legislation is anti tust of 1890, which is neither designed nor intended to serve that purpose, but to protect the small trade and handicraft production by monopolies and concentrations industrial. Then the Unfair competition became a crime, and over the years, the main objective of this law was only to protect consumers from unfair business practices. A second step was taken in 1906 when, thanks to the National Consumers League (which dealt with the working conditions of women), a law was passed on the authenticity of the food and pharmaceutical substances and the quality of the meat. Struggle against capitalism and aggressive food fraud were the basis of the first "targeted" consumeriste. The second wave of protest in the mid 30's, was established by similar problems: unreasonable increases in prices of consumption and marketing of harmful drugs. This time, American consumers react in a more conscious and determined and obtain a strengthening of laws on the wholesomeness of food and an extension of powers to combat unfair trade practices and fraud. This initiative was followed by the birth of "Union consumers' association",still very active, which is characterized by a wide range of publications and radio and television broadcasts throughout North America regarding testing and analysis of products and services. At this stage, therefore, emerged two sets of problems: first of all the vital need for information from the consumer and the need for this to have a political representation that would give voice to every need. The first organization of consumers in the old continent, is born in Denmark in 1947, then Great Britain in 1955 And in Europe after the onset of these two countries, the example was followed by Scandinavian countries and the area of Belneux, France and Germany, where he first instituted administrative oragans which was followed in many cases special laws. For its part, the EEC, after a series of statements aiming for protection in the consumer, included in the text of the Treaty of Rome, then let go fifteen years, before taking a definite decision on consumerism.  In the seventies it creates awareness within the EEC, which are urgently needed across a range of initiatives, which in addition to defending the health and economic interests of the citizens of the Community, also purport to harmonize the laws of the states States to prevent possible conflicts and encourage businesses that need a uniform law that encourages commercial traffic. The Areli 14, 1975, in the EEC Council reorders organically all the initiatives and priorities for consumer protection and very clearly states that the objectives of this intervention are: 1.La...
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