Consumer Satisfaction

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1. Introduction to the study 15. Annexure

2. Industry profile 16. Bibliography

3. Company Profil

4. Product Profile

5. History of MICO MARBLES

7. Departmental Study
➢ Production unit
➢ Polishing unit
➢ Marketing departments
➢ Organization chart

8.Scope and limitations of the study

9. Objectives

10. Methodology

11.Data analysis and Interpretation

12. Findings

13. Suggestions and recommendations

14. Conclusion


Education and learning knows no bars or inhibitions. It is rather a never ending process. Similarly after completing almost 3 years in BBM from SIBM, Nathdwara, the study concerned by me as a part of my curriculum has proved an exceptional enhancement of knowledge and learning for me.

The completion of the project would not have been possible without the help of some persons. Without their contribution, the study could not have been comprehensive and a profound one.

At the very outset, I sincerely thank my faculty guide “Dr. Deepti Bhargava”, HOD of management department & Dr. ANIL BHATT faculty whose continuous support and guidance proved an effective impetus to my study.

I would also like to thank my family and my friends for their guidance & support, which helped me in every step during the course of my study.

Above all, I thank god for his blessings without which I would not have been able to complete my project.


It all begins in our own captive marble quarries. We help serve increasing national and international demands for Indian marbles. Since then we have enjoyed exponential growth and exports to many markets worldwide. Our success is based upon our ability to respond flexibly to our customer's needs for both small and large projects, our experience and detailed knowledge of the marble industry, our competitive prices and the excellent comprehensive service.

Karnawat International was sole concept of the Mico family belongs to the famous Natural Stone Manufacturing Place in India known as Rajasamand, Rajasthan to cater & available the best natural stones for the national and international demands for Indian Marble and other natural stones.

The Main Brain behind establishment of the Karnawat Group is Mr. Chetanya Karnawat and Mr. Prabuddha Karana who hails a wide experience in Natural stone Industry. They have traveled across the globe to promote and marketing of Indian Natural stones

| Year of Establishment |1982 | |Nature of Business |Manufacturer, Exporter | |Number of Employees |26 to 50 People | |Turnover |US$ 1-10 Million (or Rs. 4-40 Crore Approx.) | |Major Markets |Indian Subcontinent |


Customer is a person who demands for the products or services offered by the marketer or supplier. Whereas the term consumer refers to the end user of the product or service. They may or may not be the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

• Satisfaction is a person’s feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a product’s perceived performance (or outcome) with the performance he expects of it.

• Complete customer satisfaction is achieved by understanding customer requirement and delivering superior quality of goods and services Defining customer value and satisfaction. Over 38 years ago, Peter Dhuker observed that a company’s first task is “To create...
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