Consumer Rights in Bangladesh- the Present Scenario

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1.0 Consumer Rights in Bangladesh- The Present Scenario

1.1 Background Summary:

In the backdrop of rapid development and globalization of our economy it is essential that Bangladesh should have a pragmatic consumer policy to ensure consumer right and to protect them from unfair business practice. There is a popular saying is Market Economy that “Consumers are the King” but is the context of Bangladesh can we say the same?

In Bangladesh, peoples are now live in the state of insecurity as well as uncertainty. Two fold dangers confronting the urban consumers are under consumption and health hazards arising out of price spiral, lucrative advertising, packing the poor quality products with attractive covers and massive adulteration. The onslaught of criminalization in commercial operations continued to jeopardize the rights of the consumers in the recent past. Added to it many a fraud practice unnoticed by the authorities went against public safety and security. Even now, the ordinary consumers have much less access to the concerned authorities and the latter have been found to be inefficient-not equal to the task in the face of manipulation of the market by the criminal; syndicate.

However, social movement in consumer’s regime puts consumerism first. ‘Consumers Voice’ is at the heart of such movement. Of course, belatedly, the Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) organized such movement through awareness buildings campaigns, conferences, rallies and publications. This is in response to the development of consumerism at the global level.

1.2 Statement of the Problem:

Like other rights, consumer rights remain most ignored in Bangladesh for lack of awareness many people do not check the manufacturing and expiry dates or whether or not the ingredients used in foodstuff meet the standards.

The problem arises in the form of adulteration of food in the Dhaka city (like using formalin, carbide, food color etc). This causes serious as well as harmful effect on human being.

Consumers also lose out due to artificial price-hike. Lack of enforcement of the consumer rights protection law also makes the consumers losers.

Last few years in Dhaka city basically during Ramadan adulteration of food was increasing in alarming way. So the responsibility of government and implementation of the minimum safety is the main problem in our study.

1.3 Purpose of the Study:

a. To assist countries in achieving or maintaining adequate protection for their population as consumers;

b. To facilitate production and distribution patterns responsive to the needs and desires of consumers;

c. To encourage high levels of ethical conduct for those engaged in the production and distribution of goods and services to consumers;

d. To assist countries in curbing abusive business practices by all enterprises at the national and international levels which adversely affect consumers;

e. To facilitate the development of independent consumer groups;

f. To further international cooperation in the field of consumer protection; and

g. To encourage the development of market conditions which provide consumers with greater choice at lower prices?

1.4 Limitations

There are few limitations of the study. Those are:

❖ Time constraints: Time limit was one of the constraints for this study. ❖ Literature constraints: No proper study was available for the research. So, we have to collect literature from scatter web site data.

1.5 Significance of the Study

This study can give us an idea about the Dhaka city’s current condition & it’s one of the risk factor. The readers can have an idea about the legal & ethical issues related with consumer right in Bangladesh. Also reader will get knowledge of incident happening in Dhaka city right now. An in depth study can be possible with this study.

2. Information Guide on Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

2.1 Consumer’s responsibilities?

Consumer education...
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