Consumer Protection and Clear Ox

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2. Create a draft version of a magazine advertisement for a fictitious product that claims to help enhance a person’s social identity or image, and then critique your ad. Complete all parts of the question.

a) Preparation
Consider the following brainstorming questions in order to start thinking about your advertisement: * What is the product? – Clear – Ox acne treatment
* Who is the target audience? – Teenagers and adults, both female and male * What are the positive features of the product? What is good about it? – Clears acne breakouts fast and prevents new ones from happening. Leads to a happier lifestyle * What are the negative features of the product? – Somewhat expensive product that will stop working once the consumer stops using it * What needs, both practical and psychological, will this product satisfy? Will it make the consumer happier, Healthier? More attractive? – Clear – Ox will clear your acne fast and will be proven to make you happier, and feel more attractive. With clear skin comes confidence and control, it’ll help you lead a positive life. * Will your ad assume that the consumer has a certain fear? If so, what fear? Does it try to create a certain fear that the consumer mat not already have had? If so, what fear? – The Clear – Ox ad will make you feel like you need to use the product in order to feel prettier and healthier.

b) Plan your advertisement (10 marks)
* Describe how you will try to visually entice or attract the consumer.

It’s very important that I came up with a unique product name that can be easily remembered. I feel like Clear – Ox is a great name for a product that consumers will enjoy. It’s new, fun, and potentially life changing. The ad will communicate the benefits, and the effectiveness of the product that will entice the consumers.

My product will visually entice or attract my consumers in these following ways: * Name
* Logo
* Tagline and Catchphrases
* Shape
* Graphics
* Colours
* Price

* Describe how you plan to give the product an identity. Do you plan to use a particular word or image to identify the product? If now, how will you do this?

In order to give my product an identity I think it will be very important that my consumers understand that I care and believe that my product will work with great results. I can show this on the ad by stating “Clinically tested and proven to clear your acne or money back guarantee”. Consumers will be drawn to this and will feel that the product will work for them. With a money back guarantee they will have no risk with purchasing the product. This will make them want it even more.

I feel that Clear – Ox is a brand name that can be easily remembered by a consumer. The first word “Clear” will be drawn to my target audience immediately because this is something they read or say everyday. The last word “Ox” can be described to clean or clear something. When the consumer reads “Clear – Ox” together they will easily understand that the ad is representing an acne cleanser. Clear – Ox is the perfect brand name for my product.

A website for the product is also listed on the ad as well. This will help further give my product an identity because it allows consumers to go on the World Wide Web to find out more about what they are about to buy.

* What three techniques will you use to attract consumers (for example, nostalgia, bandwagon, celebrity endorsement, image advertising, repetition, scientific or statistical claims, unfinished claims or comparisons, and/ore weasel words)?

* Image advertising - I will use image advertising to convince my consumers to use my product. A woman who is very attractive and has a clear face will be used in the ad. This will help viewers think they, too, can be attractive and have a healthy looking face. The woman will imply that clear skin can be yours if you use Clear – Ox. * Repetition – In my ad the word “clear”...
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