Consumer Protection Act

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History of 1986 Act :-
The consumer protection act, 1986 is one of the benevolent social legislation intended to protect the large body of consumer from exploitation. The act has come as a panacea for consumers all over the country and has assumed the shape of practically the most important legislation enacted in the country during the last few years. With the Introduction of this law, consumers now feel that they are in a position to declare “sellers be aware” where previously the consumers were at the receiving end and generally told “buyers be aware”.

Establishment of Act :-
The Act postulates establishment of Central consumer protection council and the state consumer protection councils for the purpose of spreading consumer awareness. Central council is headed by Minister Incharge of the Consumer Affairs in the central government and in the state it is the Minister Incharge of the Consumer Affairs in the State Government who heads state council. To provide cheap, speedy and simple redressal to consumer disputes, Quasi-judicial machinery is set-up at each District, State and National levels called District Forums, State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and National Redressal Commission respectively. At present, there are 569 District Forums, 33 State Commission with apex body as a National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission ( NCDRC) having its office at janpath Bhawan, A wing, 5th floor, janpath, New Delhi. The District Forums are headed by the person who is or has been or eligible to be appointed as a district judge and the State Commission are headed by a person who is or has been a judge of high court. National commission was constituted in the year, 1988. It is headed by a sitting or retired Judge of the Supreme Court of India. The provisions of this Act cover ‘products’ as well as ‘services’. The products are those which are manufactured or produced...
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