Consumer Profiling

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Research Methodology4
Analysis and Interpretations5

The project purpose is to decipher the satisfaction level of the consumers as well as to know how effectively the company has segmented and positioned their product. We will also have a better understanding of factors that influence customers buying behaviour. The motive is to identifying the consumers who share similar demographic, psychographic, attitude and behaviour characteristics towards the product. This will help the companies to retain and attract customers effectively. Reviewed other factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions and buying behaviour including personal, social, and situational issues. The personal influences on consumers are important determinants of their needs and wants. Such factors as age, income, family status, and chosen lifestyle are strongly related to the types of products people buy and the specific brands they select. To fulfil these purpose Frito Lays is selected as the product. This report carries an introduction of the company profile, detail of the methodology followed detailed data analysis and the results so obtained with the variety of graphs along with given. Frito Lays

Lay’s, the world’s largest and favourite snack food brand, has steadily established itself as an indispensable part of India’s snacking culture since its launch in 1995.With its irresistible taste, international and Indian flavours and youth-centric imagery, Lay’s has established itself as a youth brand and continues to grow in the hearts and mind of its consumers. Over the years, Lay’s has become known for its engaging and innovative promotions and campaigns. The brand known for its ‘No one can eat just one’ campaign has moved its positioning to ‘What’s the programme?’ making Lay’s ‘the main food of every programme‘! Saif Ali Khan has been the face of the brand for over five years, and has recently been joined by the captain of the Indian cricket team M.S. Dhoni. Both embody the youthful energy and appeal of the brand. In 2008, Lay’s launched the never-before ‘Fight for Your Flavour’ allowing consumers to vote for the flavour of their choice. The flavour with the maximum votes would continue in the market. The flavours have been selected by the Lay’s brand ambassadors Saif Ali Khan and M.S. Dhoni with each celebrity rooting for the flavour of their choice. In June 2009, Lay’s launched its new positioning platform: ‘Lay’s – Be a Little Dillogical’. The new Dillogical concept makes an instant connect with youth caught between the desire to succeed and the desire to remain engaged with certain moments that offer a deep emotional fulfilment. This friction is like a game between the heart and the head, a struggle between what you want to do and what you have to do. It’s all about making things that matter to the heart, happen. Objective

* To study about the existing and potential customers and to know which brand, company, store outlet or a product they prefer specifically. * To know the customer buying behaviour with respect to lays * To know the demographic variables of lays buyers

* To know the Psychographic variables of lays buyers
* To evaluate the company’s strategy of segmenting, targeting and positioning the product. * To evaluate the attitude of a customer towards a product. Research Methodology
Nature of Research
The nature of our research under study is a basic research undertaken for the purpose of gaining knowledge regarding consumer profiling of lays Scope of the Research
The study covers buying behaviour of buyers of potato chips and other snacks in particular areas of Surat city. The research is conducted for better understanding of relationship between the consumer satisfaction, brand image and information from mass media towards the purchase evaluation at various stages of purchase decision. Data Collection...
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