Consumer Perception Towards Brand Choice

Topics: Brand, Branding, Marketing Pages: 26 (8105 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Changing Perception of Consumer towards Brand Choice and the role of culture in it: A Pakistan perspective An Argumentative Paper on the Bond between Brand Choice, Consumer’s Perception and Culture influence Ikra Nasir

Bachelor of Business Administration, Comsats University of Science and Technology, Islamabad campus, Pakistan Haider Ahmed Qazi
Bachelor of Business Administration, Comsats University of Science and Technology, Islamabad campus, Pakistan

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate and discuss the importance of analyzing the consumer perception towards local and foreign brands. An argumentative approach has been used to reveal the importance of Consumer perception. Local and foreign brand choice is affected by brand image, country of origin, brand awareness, brand quality, Materialism. With the increasing trend of globalization consumer have become much more aware and their perceptions are changing at rapid pace, it has been seen that price, quality are considered to be major determinants of making their brand choice. Consumer’s value local brands because of low price but they prefer foreign brands because of better quality and durability and for status enhancement reasons. In order to understand consumer perception we need to understand culture so that necessities and behavior of consumers are well understood. The paper shows a link among three concepts and how they are interconnected. The discussion section views the concepts based on the findings of the research. A theoretical framework has been described which exhibit the antecedents on which the three concepts are being measured. Lastly the paper conclude that a cross-culture study is essential to understand the changing perception of consumers when making a brand choice between local and foreign products

Keywords: Brand Choice, Perception, Globalization, Culture, Local and Foreign Brands


1.1.Problem Statement5
1.2.Objectives of the study5
1.3.Significance of the research5
1.4.Scope of the research6
1.5.Limitation of research6
2.Literature Review6
2.1 Local and Foreign Brands6
2.2 Consumer Perception8
2.3 Role of Culture9
2.4 Link between Local and Foreign brands, Consumer Perception, Culture.10
3.Theoretical Framework and antecedents of variables11
5.Data Analysis12
5.2Sample size13
5.3Sampling Method14
5.4Data Description14
6.1Consumer perception and culture18

1. Introduction

‘People are pawns in the hands of giant companies with huge advertising budgets and global reach. Brands bring something that people think is better than what they feel’ . – (The Economist, 2004) The study aims to understand the consumer perception towards local and foreign brands in the Pakistani market not only in fast moving consumer goods segment but also in other industries as retailing, clothing. Through consumer perception of price quality and value are considered pivotal determinants of shopping behavior and product choice (Bishop 1984; Doyle 1984; Jacoby and Olson 1985, Sawyer and Dickson, 1984) ( Valarie A. Zeithaml, 1988).Pakistani market is taken into study because of increased globalness many international companies are now entering into the market on the strength of rising affluence level of the young Pakistani population along with the heightened awareness of foreign brands, international shopping experiences the demand for foreign products are increasing in Pakistan The increased global competition among foreign firms operating in different parts of the world are not only offering products but also offering increased standard for living and improved lifestyle of consumers around the world. So now the markets need to understand the consumer perceptions and evaluations...
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