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Topics: Motivation, Goal, Employment Pages: 5 (1449 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Problem Statement:
Before accelerating employees’ interest in worker satisfaction, David Gold has to fix the conflict between newly hired college graduates and the older experienced supervisors because the conflict is the main issue in this case. If this issue can be fixed, all of the supervisors will be able to improve other employees’ satisfaction. Thus, the problem statement is how can the company reduce the conflict between newly hired college graduates and the older experienced supervisors. Explain the behavior.

There are external issues and internal issues. For external issues, supervisors have low motivation because they are lack of confidence. They are seen as the “losers” of the organization and it is hard for them to watch others moving up. For internal issues, newly hired college graduates and the older experienced supervisors are separated into two sub-groups. The management has a personal relationship with the older experienced supervisors and this is causing some issues around forcing the older experienced supervisors to change. College graduates supervisors complain that the older supervisors don’t want to try anything new and they are upset when advice is not followed. In contrast, the older supervisors don’t trust college graduates supervisors and they think college graduates supervisors only want to make a big impression to get ahead. As a result, people in two groups don’t like each other and they feel low self-determination. They cannot control their over their own actions and two groups threat each other. Analyze the theories

Self-determination theory is a theory of motivation that aims to explain individuals’ goal-directed behavior. In the case, there is a company culture clash going on. The older experienced supervisors are trying to continue on in the old ways, and college graduates supervisors are obviously trying to forge a new culture. The truth is that management is not willing to change or that the older experienced supervisors don’t see the need for change. Both groups try to control over their own actions. Due to two main reasons, supervisors start feeling their tasks more like obligations which they don’t feel engaged. First, the conflict occurs because their values and work habits are different. One of the groups is forced to change in the most cases. Second, the company doesn’t give them enough authority. The feeling undermines their motivation, so the company’s goals will not be achieved. Objectives

* Improving employee satisfaction
* Improving cooperation and understanding
* Reducing turnover rate
* Creating a reward-and-motivation program
* Rotating shifts and having weekly meeting
* Empowering supervisors
Consequences of Alternatives
David wants to create the atmosphere of “one big happy family”. The concept behind “one big happy family” is to improve employee satisfaction. There is a link between how motivated employees are at their workplace and their level of job satisfaction. A company endeavors to increase job satisfaction so employee motivation will also improve, resulting in better job performance and increased efficiency. Furthermore, the cooperation with the business is important for the long-term success towards achieving sustainable management. Also, the company has high turnover rate. High turnover often means that employees are unhappy with the work or compensation. The way to fix high turnover rate is to increase employee’s satisfaction. There are three alternatives. First, the employee reward program is one method of increasing employee’s extrinsic motivation to change work habits and key behaviors to benefit a small business. Extrinsic motivation is a less preferred state than intrinsic motivation, but better than being unmotivated. Second, rotating shifts can allow the general supervisor to understand each shift’s working condition. The weekly meeting can enforce the communication among supervisors and...
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