Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior

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Chapter 4 : Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior

Question 1

How might a marketer influence a consumer’s information search through each of the four information sources discussed in the chapter?

A marketer might influence a consumer information search through several information sources include personal sources (family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances), commercial sources (advertising, salespeople, dealer Web sites, packaging, displays), public sources (mass media, consumer rating organizations, Internet searches), and experiential sources (Handling, examining, using the product). The relative influence of these information sources varies with the product and the buyer. Generally, the consumer receives the most information about a product from commercial sources where those controlled by the marketer. The most effective sources, however, tend to be personal sources. Commercial sources normally inform the buyer, but personal sources legitimize or evaluate products for the buyer.

Question 2

Name and describe the types of consumer buying behavior. Which one would you most likely use if deciding on a laptop computer purchase and which for picking a restaurant for dinner?

Types of consumer buying behavior :

Complex buying behavior This situation involves the high level of involvement from consumers and te same with the difference among brands. These cases arise when the product is of high price, risky, high for servicing and so on.

Dissonance reducing behavior This involves high involvement of the buyer but a less significance difference among the brands.

Habitual buying behavior Here there will not be any kind of involvement from the consumer. Here the purchase happens depending upon the brand familiarity. Here the consumers involvement is low and less differences among brands. This happens based on the habits of buying.

Variety seeking buying behavior Here the consumers involvement is low but there...
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