Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Marketing, Abraham Maslow Pages: 11 (1773 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Principles of Marketing, 14e (Kotler)
Chapter 5 Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior

1) ________ is never simple, yet understanding it is the essential task of marketing management. A) Brand personality
B) Consumption pioneering
C) Early adoption
D) Buying behavior
E) Understanding the difference between primary and secondary data

2) The consumer market is made up of which of the following? A) individuals who acquire goods or services for personal consumption B) households that purchase goods or services for personal consumption C) businesses that purchase goods and services

D) A and B
E) all of the above

3) Economic, technological, and cultural forces are all ________ in the stimulus-response model of buyer behavior. A) buyer responses
B) stimuli
C) components of the buyer's decision process
D) buyer characteristics
E) buying attitudes

4) Of the following, the best starting point for understanding how consumers respond to various marketing efforts is the ________ model of a buyer's behavior. A) belief
B) subcultural
C) generational
D) stimulus-response
E) societal

5) Marketing stimuli consist of the four Ps. Which is NOT one of these? A) product
B) politics
C) price
D) promotion
E) place

6) The marketer wants to understand how the stimuli are changed into responses inside the consumer's ________, which has two parts. First, the buyer's characteristics influence how he or she perceives and reacts to the stimuli. Second, the buyer's decision process itself affects the buyer's behavior. A) culture

B) black box
C) belief
D) lifestyle
E) social class

7) In the model of buyer behavior, which of the following is NOT a major type of force or event in the buyer's environment? A) economic
B) technological
C) political
D) channel
E) cultural

8) ________ is the most basic cause of a person's wants and behavior. A) Culture
B) Brand personality
C) Cognitive dissonance
D) Social class
E) Selective perception

9) Each culture contains smaller ________, or groups of people with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situations. A) aspirational groups
B) reference groups
C) subcultures
D) membership groups
E) social networks

10) Which of the following is NOT considered an important American subculture by marketers? A) Hispanic Americans
B) African Americans
C) mature consumers
D) opinion leaders
E) Asian Americans

11) This group of consumers tends to buy more branded products and to make shopping a family event, with children having a big say in the purchase decision. In general, they are very brand loyal, and they favor companies who show special interest in them. A) Hispanic Americans

B) African Americans
C) Asian Americans
D) mature consumers

12) ________, the fastest-growing U.S. population subsegment, now number nearly 50 million. A) African Americans
B) Hispanic Americans
C) Asian Americans
D) Mature consumers
E) Gays and lesbians

13) Although more price-conscious than other population segments, ________ consumers tend to be strongly motivated by quality and selection. Brands are important. They seem to enjoy shopping more than other ethnic groups do. A) upper middle

B) African American
C) mature
D) Asian American
E) upper lower

14) ________, the most affluent American demographic segment, now have more than $500 billion in annual spending power. A) Hispanic Americans
B) African Americans
C) Asian Americans
D) Gays and lesbians
E) Gen Xers

15) Which of the following is NOT true of mature consumers?
A) The best strategy is to appeal to their active, multidimensional lives. B) They are an ideal market for "do-it-for-me" services.
C) High-tech home entertainment products appeal to them.
D) They place more importance on brand names and are more brand loyal than members of other age groups. E) They are a good market for cosmetics and personal care products.

16) ________ are society's relatively permanent...
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