Consumer Fitness Milestone 1

Topics: Agriculture, Pesticide, Organic food Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Brooke Worley
Consumer Fitness Milestone One

Client and Product
My client is an all natural no pesticide farm. They make a variety of studies and have noticed that products that are grown without pesticides and other dangerous chemicals can make a difference in taste, health, and can even become stronger. They are designed for people who think fruits and vegetables aren’t all that good, and someone who is unhealthy and has never had fresh fruit and vegetables. They also try to provide simple ways to live your life healthier and possibly even longer! The product that I will be marketing is a new website that will provide you with all sorts of information on my non pesticide tactics. It will also compare all the difference between people who use pesticides for growing and the people like us who do not use pesticides. This certain website will allow you to print the actual article to our organic farm and ask us questions and clarify everything on the article about our stuff. * Moving pictures

* How we farm
* Everything we use in our farming tactics
* Where everything is grown and pictures of everything we have * Easy to understand
Target Audience
My target audients includes all ages that want to eat healthier and be all organic. If you are a regular time costumer you can get better prices and better deals that are affordable for anyone looking for healthier and more organic lifestyles. Not only is it a good price; it also tastes better too! Advertising Factors

To get the word around about my organic non pesticide fruits and vegetables, I will use billboards, newspapers, and even commercials to try to help me find out about how the fruit and vegetables they are eating could potentionally hurt them. They can get them to tell people about my farm and why they should choose me over everyone else. These tactics will help to get the name of my farm around, and why they should choose me.
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